Nailah's Shea and Fillaree become partners!

The Fillaree extended family is growing! A new public partnership has been in the works for a few months now, and we’re excited to introduce you to this meaningful new collaboration with Nailah’s Shea!

After years of pushing beyond our (Fillaree) limits to make most of our products in-house, I realized that something had to give. Our equipment and factory space was working quite well for our liquid soaps and cleaners, but the bar soaps were becoming an increasing burden on our team and our production facilities. Our customers love bar soaps though, so eliminating them wasn’t an option; but neither was continuing to tax our systems so much to make them.  So, I started looking for a bar soap partner, Nailah's Shea.

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What an Honor Camilla Majette, to share your partnership story of entrepreneur women owned Businesses working together. I Love 💕 All your products they smell Amazing and work wonders on my skin. I’m very happy that your embarking another level of success. I will continue being a Loyal customer.

Carolyn Hawkins February 26, 2022

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"Some of the herbs I use are from my father’s garden and the Greensboro Farmer’s Curb Market. The palm oil is sustainable. The raw shea butter is fair trade, from West Africa, and all my ingredients are certified organic!

That’s the way I like it – only the best ingredients."

Camilia Z. Majette