Self-Care in a New Decade - Nailah's Shea

Self-Care in a New Decade

2020, a new decade is upon us. The dawn of a new era. Many people start the new year off with resolutions or mantras such as, “New Year, New Me”, b...

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I am using what??? - Nailah's Shea

I am using what???

Many people use off-the-shelf commercial soaps in order to maintain their health from day to day, but little do they know these conventional soaps ...

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Aromatherapy - What is it? - Nailah's Shea

Aromatherapy - What is it?

Aromatherapy also referred to as “essential oil therapy”.  It can be defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essen...

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Winter Skincare Tips - Nailah's Shea

Winter Skincare Tips

Have you noticed that your skin changes according to the season?  From hot sticky summer days to extremely cold winter days and the in-between weat...

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Sugar vs. Salt - Nailah's Shea

Sugar vs. Salt

"I want healthy glowing skin!" Many of you have said this. Well, one easy step to take is to exfoliate. What is exfoliation you ask?  We will get i...

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Arts, Culture, and Little Ones - Nailah's Shea

Arts, Culture, and Little Ones

Can you believe it’s been a little over a month since the National Folk Festival (NFF) was here in Greensboro? It’s amazing how time flies.  Well, ...

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National Folk Festival 2016 - Nailah's Shea

National Folk Festival 2016

The National Folk Festival (NFF) is a national festival that has been taking place in Greensboro, North Carolina for the past 2 years with plans to...

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"Some of the herbs I use are from my father’s garden and the Greensboro Farmer’s Curb Market. The palm oil is sustainable. The raw shea butter is fair trade, from West Africa, and all my ingredients are certified organic!

That’s the way I like it – only the best ingredients."

Camilia Z. Majette