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Can you believe it’s been a little over a month since the National Folk Festival (NFF) was here in Greensboro? It’s amazing how time flies.  Well, as promised I wanted to share with you the experience I had a meeting with all of you at the NFF and I also wanted to share an experience of meeting little ones fascinated by the art of soap making.  From the process to the herbs and then the smells, oh what fun we had.

At the NFF I saw some familiar faces from around Greensboro as well as many new faces.  Among these faces were families that were traveling from all across the US to spend the weekend in town enjoying the festivities that the NFF had to offer.  Greensboro, being home to several colleges and universities, meant many college students visited our booth at the NFF.  One young lady in particular that stopped by was a student originally from New Zealand. She was very interested in working in rural Uganda with needy children and families and I’ll always remember her determination and selflessness.  Wishing her all the best!

​Check out the picture below of a familiar face you may have seen around town too. 
Camilia and Friends - National Folk Festival - Nailah's Shea
​This is off topic a bit but I just have to tell you.  Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to share the art of soap making with some elementary school kids (500 of them).

The school celebrated its own "State Fair" and I was asked to be an exhibitor.  Of course, I couldn't make soap for all of them. However, I shared the process of soap making with them.  The children were ecstatic!  They enjoyed hearing about the process and smelling the herbs that I brought with me (rosemary, mint leaves, lemongrass, and lavender).  They learned about Shea Butter and where the Shea nut comes from.  The children had the opportunity to touch and use the Shea Butter.  They held a real coconut!  They also left with a piece of soap from a soap maker.  LOL :-)
I couldn't stop smiling after I was given “Thank You” cards from the students. Just reading them made me feel so happy that I had the opportunity to spend the day with them and share with them my passion.
​Scroll down to see the cards that they created for me. 

Students Thank Nailah's Shea
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"Some of the herbs I use are from my father’s garden and the Greensboro Farmer’s Curb Market. The palm oil is sustainable. The raw shea butter is fair trade, from West Africa, and all my ingredients are certified organic!

That’s the way I like it – only the best ingredients."

Camilia Z. Majette