Combating Winter Skin (Part 1): "Show Your Skin Some Love!"

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Living in North Carolina, I have learned that the weather here can be somewhat unpredictable.  From 30 degrees Fahrenheit one day and the very next day 60 degrees. What to do, what to do?  Shaking my head.  Imagine how our skin may be even more shocked by the change of weather.  Here are a few tips on keeping your skin moisturized, hydrated and glowing all winter long.  

1.     Don’t turn up the heat

With the bitterly cold weather outside and cold winter breezes, we can be tempted to turn our heating systems up too high.  This, in turn, causes our skin to become even drier than before the winter season.  Keep your thermostat at a comfortable temperature around 68-71 degrees.  Your skin will thank you and in addition, you’ll cut down the energy cost in your home. 

2.     Use a humidifier

Try setting up a humidifier in your home. Set one up in the main sitting room or your bedroom – both if you can.  Using a humidifier will keep moisture in the air and will also help your skin from drying out during the winter.  You can even purchase humidifiers that give you the ability to put essential oils in or around them and the steam that it blows out is aromatherapy for your home.

3.     Short lukewarm showers

You may be tempted to take long hot showers during the cooler winter months – don’t’ do it! The hot water will dry your skin out even more.  Try taking warm showers and limit your time in the shower to less than 15 minutes.

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4.     Don’ t use harsh soap

​Use natural soap as much as possible.  Without any deodorants or synthetic fragrances, these ingredients tend to be very harsh and drying to your skin.  You can find our all-natural and organic moisture-rich Shea Butter soaps here.

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Stay tuned in for Part 2 of Combating Winter Skin – “Show your skin some love”, where we’ll share more tips on how to keep your skin soft and glowing all winter long.

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"Some of the herbs I use are from my father’s garden and the Greensboro Farmer’s Curb Market. The palm oil is sustainable. The raw shea butter is fair trade, from West Africa, and all my ingredients are certified organic!

That’s the way I like it – only the best ingredients."

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