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Jade Gua Sha Facial Massage Tool


Are you looking for a facial treatment that is non-invasive, will enhance your facial skin care routine easily, and without the price tag of visiting an esthetician? Well look no further, our Gua Sha tools make it easy for you to experience a relaxing and rejuvenating facial massage in minutes in the comfort of your own home.

What is Gua Sha? Gua sha (pronounced gwah-shah). ‘Gua’ means scrape, and ‘Sha’ means sand.  Gua sha is a traditional facial massage technique that uses gemstone tools to relieve tension in the muscles of the face, boost circulation, and encourage lymphatic flow and drainage for healthy, clear, more youthful looking skin. It's even been dubbed the "Eastern Facelift"! Gua Sha tools have traditionally been used  in Chinese medicine to massage and scrape the entire body, with a closer attention to the neck and back.

Use with Nailah's Shea Kwa-Tua Serum and Tufaha & Rose Awakening Toner 

**Due to natural variations in stone, every Gua Sha tool is unique in pattern and color.


Facial Gua Sha massage involves gently scraping a flat jade or rose quartz stone over the skin in upward strokes to relax stiff muscles and increase circulation and lymphatic flow in your face, promoting reduced puffiness and inflammation in your face. With gently applied pressure, this tool also helps relieve tension and aids the absorption of skincare products on the skin's surface.

Our handcrafted Jade Gua Sha Facial Massage tool has balancing properties and retains its coolness for long periods of time.  It glides across the skin, sculpting, lifting, and promoting lymphatic drainage to improve the appearance of elasticity of the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines. It is light weight and the perfect size for use on the face, neck and décolletage areas.

 IMPORTANT NOTE: Gua sha facial massage should NOT be practiced by those with Botox or injectable fillers and used with caution by pregnant women as certain pressure points should not be stimulated during pregnancy.

Any statements or claims about the possible health benefits have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any diseases.


The unique 'wing' shape of our Jade Gua Sha tool features three distinct edges for different massage techniques: the outwardly curved edge helps sculpt and reduce the appearance of puffiness in areas like the jawline and cheekbones, the inwardly curved edge hugs your natural facial shape to promote lymphatic drainage, and the scalloped edge provides gentle pressure and massage. We recommend using two Jade Gua Sha’s at a time so that you can massage your entire face at once to save time.

Step 1: Start with a clean face and prep skin with a facial oil or serum. We recommend using our Kwa-Tua facial serums

Step 2: Keep the tool flat against the face and begin with the forehead. Scrape in an upwards motion from the eyebrows to the hairline.

Step 3: Move to the cheeks and scrape in an outwards motion starting from the crease of the nose until the ear.

Step 4: Move to the jawline and use the end of the Gua Sha tool with the two curves. Start from the chin and scrape until the ear. Gently massage the Gua Sha tool into the ear to release tension.

Step 5: For the under-eye area, very gently scrape the Gua Sha from the inner corner of the eye outwards to the temple. Because the area is so sensitive, it is important to only apply light pressure.

    **Due to natural variations in stone, every Gua Sha tool is unique in pattern and color.

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