Nailah's Shea

Makaa (Activated Charcoal) Shea Butter Soap Loaf

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"Makaa" in Kiswahili literally means charcoal. Activated charcoal works by unclogging trapped toxins and chemicals from your pores. It may help to relieve acne and minimize dark spots.

Our Makaa is made with charcoal from coconut shells praised for its natural healing properties beneficial to the skin. 

This soap is blended with organic essential oils of tea tree, patchouli, and orange with a bit of ground sandalwood powder for some light exfoliation. 

​​100% Natural, Vegan Friendly

*Our cold-process soaps typically take about 4 weeks to cure. We will ship the soap loaves within 2-3 weeks after making the loaf. Plan ahead, expect 3-4 weeks to receive your order.

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